Four Good UX Reasons for HTML5

HTML5 is the next major revision of the HTML spec. The following four elements / attributes can be considered the most important additions to HTML5.
Canvas Element
Graphics, visuals, or animations can be rendered in real time without relying on plug-ins. Rich interactive sites or games can now be created without Flash. This opens up the possibility of having really complex experiences and interactions in a light footprint.
Video Element
Users will no longer need to install Flash, QuickTime or another plug-in to view videos, which means all platforms are supported. In addition the video can be transformed using Javascript. Imagine being able to project a video on any surface or play a video within any shape.
Geolocation can determine the user’s physical location and share with trusted web sites. Users will need to opt-in before this information can be shared. It is more accurate than current methods. We can now display relevant local information (weather, restaurants, businesses, etc…) to the user. Or even track a user’s progress on a cross country drive.
Local Storage
Storage enables web pages to store data within the client’s browser. What does this mean? For example if the user is in the process of searching for a product, filling out a really long form, or in the middle of a TV show on Hulu and closes the browser window by accident, the user would lose their progress. But with HTML5 Storage, progress can be saved locally, and we can offer the user the ability to go back to where they were.When can we start using HTML5?
See which browsers support them now:

Junction Creative Solutions Secures Senior Operations Talent To Drive Efficiency For Clients And For Its Business

October 6, 2010– ATLANTA, GA:  Junction Creative Solutions (Junction), an Atlanta-based strategy firm, continues to focus on improving processes and operational competence by hiring top notch talent.  Junction welcomes Marci Cropp as Senior Project Manager to the team.  She brings more than 15 years of experience and a proven track record of effectively using managerial, communication, and analytical skills to drive operational efficiencies for an International Fortune 500 company.

“I am proud to be a part of a firm dedicated to developing and implementing effective processes for the growth of more sustainable businesses,” says Marci Cropp.  “I look forward to working with the team and our clients to drive real value.”

Marci’s background as a mechanical engineer adds a unique perspective to how Junction establishes and executes processes across various business units. In the short time she has been with the company, Marci has worked closely with management to implement sustainable workflows, greatly impacting the bottom line.

 “We are so excited that Marci has joined our growing firm,” comments Julie Gareleck, Managing Partner. “We are developing an ‘A Team’ that is not only seasoned but also passionate about what we do and how we do it.”

Junction continues to expand its team of strategists

September 28, 2010– ATLANTA, GA:  Junction Creative Solutions (Junction), an Atlanta-based strategy firm, is not only growing its client portfolio but its knowledge base.  Junction welcomes Thomas Tsai (Tom) as a Senior Information Architect to the team.  

“We are really excited to have Tom join our intelligent team of strategists. Tom’s unique expertise with user experience, interface design, and information architecture enhances the value of our marketing solutions,” comments Julie Gareleck, Managing Partner, Junction.  “We are able to create truly contextual experiences to effectively reach target user segments, ultimately driving revenue for our clients.”

Tom has led teams for a variety of high profile clients spanning a multitude of industries including:  Disney, Purina, General Mills, Bank of America, RIM, Intel, Southwest, Target, AOL, FedEx, and Flickr.  In his new position, Tom will be responsible for investigating and validating user interaction and information architecture to craft valuable solutions that support business, brand, and marketing initiatives.

“It’s great to join a growing firm dedicated to developing key strategies and initiatives.  As the industry shifts its focus to more consumer centric strategies,” say Tom Tsai.  “I look forward to working with Junction to create intuitive and measurable solutions for our clients.”

Lions, Tigers, and Whales, Oh My?!

The most challenging positions to fill are sales associates or business development officers.   Even more frustrating is effectively forecasting revenue and percentage growth.  Over the last year, I have seen more companies looking for a magic bullet or a new technology to generate sales leads. The reality is there isn’t a magic bullet.  If you’re investing new strategies for growing your sales, check out the following book for an interesting perspective:
“Whale Hunting, How to Land Big Sales and Transform Your Company,” by Tom Searcy and Barbara Weaver Smith.  

Junction Creative Solutions Welcomes Barb Maimone as a Strategic Account Executive

ATLANTA, GA: August 25, 2010: Junction Creative Solutions (Junction), an Atlanta-based strategy firm, welcomes Barb Maimone, Senior Account Executive, to the team.  Barb brings more than 20 years of solid business experience ranging from entrepreneurial ventures to success in marketing, sales, account management, and finance.

“Barb’s sales experience, impressive track record, and enthusiasm for solving business challenges will serve her well at Junction,” said Julie Cropp Gareleck, Managing Partner, Junction.  “Her unique perspectives and business experience with strategic account management, marketing, and consulting is a tremendous asset to the firm.”

In her new position, Barb will be responsible for implementing strategic business initiatives across business, brand, and marketing for internal facing projects and strategic accounts.  Throughout her career, she has consulted with companies in various industries to include healthcare, oil, banking, construction, real estate, retail, insurance, and wellness. 

 “I look forward to helping Junction diversify its portfolio by focusing on successful strategic solutions,” said Barb.  “Junction prides itself on being a strategic partner for clients.  This is an exciting opportunity for me to bring authenticity, integrity and value to companies trying to excel in today’s complicated business environment.”

A native of Houston, Texas, Barb earned her Master of Business Administration in Finance from Florida State University and graduated top of her class with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Auburn University.

Be Contextual. Be Relevant.

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If Facebook was a country, it would have a population of 400 million and be the third largest country in the world. 70% of its users are outside the United States.  Nearly 50% of all users login daily.  YouTube announced that it has reached 2 billion videos on the popular portal.  Twitter has more than 75 million user accounts. Linked In boasts 50 million users. Flickr hosts more than 4 billion images.

We see the statistics.  We hear the industry buzz.  Yet, many of us fail to harness the power of social media to be contextual and relevant to target consumers.  What are you waiting for?  Build your own country.

“Comprehensive” means what?

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As companies explore marketing solutions designed to create awareness, build influence, and ultimately generate revenue, it’s incredibly challenging to create a truly “comprehensive” marketing strategy.   What does “comprehensive” mean?

It’s more than just one solution, one tactic, and one person’s idea.  It’s about many solutions such as: Twitter, a blog, a press room, LinkedIn, affiliate marketers, media buying, media pitching, seminars, podcasts, webinars, mobile applications, or Facebook.    It’s about having an ongoing tactical execution that can be adapted over time as needed.  It’s about collective perspective.

Whether you are a small business owner or a member of the corporate marketing team, be mindful of your strategy.  The marketing mix if executed consistently will establish a relationship with target audiences, encourage participation in the conversation, and mobilize audiences to act. 

We’d love to hear how you are being more comprehensive?

Strategy Uprising for the Creation of Sustainable Businesses

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2009 was riddled with stories of corporate downsizing, bankruptcies, and economic uncertainty. The environment rattled even the most accomplished businesses. Some failed, closing the doors forever. Others narrowly survived and new businesses are emerging, both facing the incredible challenge of adapting to a new business climate.

Junction Creative Solutions (Junction), an Atlanta-based consulting firm, specializes in developing and executing strategic solutions across business, brand, marketing and technology to embrace new opportunities for the creation of more sustainable businesses. Junction considers 2010 as the year for a strategic uprising.

For the last decade, many businesses operated without detailed business plans and strategic executions. Consumers were spending more as revenues increased. When the pendulum suddenly shifted, companies weren’t prepared to handle the drastic decline in consumer spending and the effect it had on revenue. For those businesses who survived, strategy is becoming the priority.

“Strategy plays a crucial role in the success of business,” comments Julie Cropp Gareleck, Managing Partner, Junction. “I practice what I preach. I spend the better part of first quarter every year writing and refining my business plan, creating a strategic roadmap, defining goals and objectives, and charting the course for how to achieve success. Although I faced many challenges in securing new business in 2009, I diversified my approach. I followed the plan. I moved forward. As a result, Junction is thriving.”

A strategic plan is more than a roadmap. It defines goals, objectives, and key milestones with considerations for resources and financial capability. Companies can identify and create efficiencies in processes, ultimately maximizing return on investment.

Gareleck provides advice to businesses who are redefining strategies, “I encourage organizations to not only embrace strategy but also commit to the execution. It’s an ongoing and ever-evolving process. Learn from the volatility of 2009. Prepare your company for adapting to the ongoing changes in business as opposed to reacting. I equate the lack of strategy to taking a road-trip without a GPS.”

A Perspective on Competition

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As reluctant consumers curb spending, companies are facing what seems  an insurmountable task of gaining a slice of what market share remains. 

The traditional approach has been to compete directly with competitors most times offering the same products and services with varied pricing.  This model has certainly proven to be successful in the past.

However, what if companies created a new approach?  Instead of trying to beat the competition, companies aim to make the competition irreverent. By exploring value innovation (thus creating higher consumer value), companies are able to carve out an uncontested niche in the marketplace. 

What’s your perspective on competition?